Last week, we poked some fun at the HP Slate 500, HP’s bulkier, more expensive answer to the Apple iPad. But this week, Dell released a trailer video of their Dell Inspiron Duo, and this actually looks pretty interesting. Because while this netbook/tablet tries to be all things to all people, its design legitimately enables that. By watching the trailer above, you can see what we mean. The Dell Inspiron Duo is a tablet with touchscreen capability, perfect for entertainment and gaming. But, when you want to get work done, you can “transform” it into a netbook with a full QWERTY keyboard.
For someone who still misses my QWERTY phone, I think the full keyboard is going to be a huge selling point for people scared to give it up. And while we still don’t know too much about this new Dell offering, from the design and coloring, it looks like it’s going to be geared toward children. Imagine the salesperson selling it to the parent as a portable educational device, perfect for homework – while selling it to the child as a PSP equivalent.