Web Hosting


Fully Functional Hosting Services

Windy City Strategies has hosting space for our clients to make it convenient for both sides to maintain and update their websites as needed. We have the ability to create a custom cPanel (control panel) for each domain when the site is hosted with Windy City Strategies.

Although we offer hosting, some clients choose to use their own hosting, which is fine, but most of our clients use our hosting services because of the great product and not having to make sure they are purchasing the proper hosting with another company.  If you do not have the proper requirements like bandwidth and disk space your website may not run as efficient as it should.


 Compatible Hosting Services

Windy City Strategies’ hosting is fully compatible with WordPress and hand coded HTML websites, unlike some of the “Other” guys like Wix, Go Daddy and Square Space, who build your sites in proprietary software programs that make it impossible for you to move your website to another host in the future.

Also, other well-known hosts try to up-sell you on additional packages and services that you most likely do not use or need but convince you into purchasing it. We will never do that.  We are hands on with our clients and treat their website as it is our own and will explain in detail why something is needed.

Hosting Your Site Elsewhere

We do work with clients that are currently hosting their websites elsewhere, but it is preferable to utilize our servers for hosting. Due to the account being in your name, it causes issues with administration privileges and we are not able to troubleshoot in a timely manner. You will find that the “Other” guys will point fingers at everybody else but themselves. We have also noticed that many 3rd party hosting companies will not provide you the proper hosting for your website and certain plugins will not function optimally. So, please consider us when picking a host. Saving a few dollars will cost you in the long run.

Need a Maintenance Package?

work with us

Whether you are in the market for a new website, want to redesign your current website, add or enhance your eCommerce shopping cart, implement blog or improve your overall brand, our designers will work with you to develop a creative cutting edge design and artistic way to enhance your brand messaging. Windy City Strategies can also help strategically market your company online using your search engine friendly website and our proven marketing techniques.