We blogged about this gaming trend last year. That 69% of Facebook gamers were now women.
If that wasn’t surprising enough for you, Zynga now claims that the age demographic that not only plays the most, but spends the most money, is the 40-year old mom. In fact, Zynga’s Director of Brand Advertising recently claimed that, “More women are playing farmville than watching soap operas.”
This is fascinating. But I guess it makes sense. After all, social games like Farmville and Cityville are addicting, but most of all, engaging. And for the bored mother, social and interactive gaming may be the exact boost in her life she’s looking for. After all, the numbers make it seem like that’s exactly what it is. And regardless of whether you think they’re crazy or not, they’re not alone. It’s important to note that Cityville currently has nearly one hundred million users.