34 billion online videos. Each at an average of 4.3 minutes long. That’s what U.S. Internet users watched in May.
YouTube reported 14.6 billion of these videos, surpassing 100 videos per viewer for the first time ever. Hulu came in a distant second with 1.2 billion videos, or 3.5% of all online views. Microsoft, Vevo and Viacom Digital rounded out the top 5, combining for less than 5% of all total views.
It’s an exciting world. Surely the direction the Internet is moving. But for those who envy YouTube’s current market leadership, it’s important to remember that they still have not found a way to make it profitable.
In May, Tremor Media ranked as the top video ad network, reaching 102.8 million viewers and representing 56 percent of the total online video audience. ScanScout Network came in second, with 99.3 million viewers, followed by YuMe Video Network with 87.5 million viewers.
This is the next part of the equation. How to monetize this increasingly popular sector. And whoever can figure out this advertising part of the game first is going to be the long-term winner.