Following the tsunami in Japan, YouTube has stepped up to help connect lost people with their family and friends. The YouTube Person Finder lets users update the most current information on those affected by the Japanese tsunami disaster.
A major Japanese television system, The Tokyo Broadcasting System has been shooting video at shelters around the affected areas of Japan. And these short video messages are being uploaded to the YouTube Person Finder. This search tool lets you search victims by name, home location or shelter. And although English is not supported, Kanji, Katakana and Hirgana character formats are.
Right now, user-submitted content is not integrated in the finder. Supposedly, the thought is that homeless victims wouldn’t have Internet access and web cams anyway. But, this is the start of something big. Imagine adoptees using this tool to find their birth parents. Romantic strangers looking for lost loves. And most importantly, as in the case here, victims and their families.
Way to go YouTube. Here’s to the future.