Kids like Formspring. Kids like YouTube. As they get older, they get into Twitter. What’s the practical takeaway from that? Well, for the newly launched VYou, the answer is to combine all three.
At least, that’s what people have been comparing this new video site to. In reality, for those of you familiar with the Formspring format of being sent anonymous questions that a user can choose to publicly answer, it’s identical to that – only the answers all take place via video.
Now, what this format lends itself to is creating categorical “experts”. You have a question on martial arts? Go ask “Dojo Dave”. Sports question? Ask “Philly Steak Blamwich”. You get the idea. And you can follow your favorite users and see every time they post a response.
It’s hard to predict what this site will evolve to become. Teens seem to love Formspring. But a lot of the appeal is to due to its ability to anonymously ask questions to guys are girls you have a crush on. And that’s inevitably what most of the conversations become. Whereas, I see VYou becoming both a video answers site along with a celebrity and comedian fan club.