This week, we are systematically providing our initial review of Google +.

Yes, the Google Plus app launched right along with the service – signaling that Google Plus is designed to be mobile. So, how exactly does Google + incorporate with the ever-evolving mobile lifestyle?
GPS. Camera. Messaging.
Google Plus makes it easy to share. And when you do, you have the option of adding your location to every post. Let’s say you’re downtown Chicago watching a concert in Millenium Park. You share a photo along with your location, and your friend who is in one of your Google Plus Circles sees that you’re within shouting distance. This could help make those random and super fun run-ins a little more frequent.
And with Instant Upload, you can set your phone so that every photo you take automatically gets put in a private album that’s stored in the cloud – and ready to share. No more file transfers. No more confusion. Google Plus aims at making mobile simple.