This week, we are systematically providing our initial review of Google +.

We’ll be honest. Circles is what we’re most excited about. Because, let’s be honest. Facebook is starting to be awful. Maybe not for you. But, for a lot of us, Facebook just isn’t working anymore. Because mass sharing just doesn’t make sense.
You have a baby picture you’re considering sharing. Ok, but none of your male friends want to see your baby. You have an off-collar joke, and want to censor your church friends. Facebook isn’t safe, except for safe things. And it’s just not fun anymore.
Enter Google +Circles. In short, it’s selective posting. Separate your “friends” into Circles that only you see. “Church friends”. “Work friends.” “Movie buff friends.” “Family.”
You want to post a movie review. You can choose to share it with only your “movie buff friends” circle. And you can have people that fit into more than one category. But, from now on, wondering if “that person” will see your post doesn’t have to prevent you from expressing your mind anymore.
With Circles alone, Google + becomes more compelling than Facebook. And there’s more to come.