Have you ever heard of Yammer? No. Well, it’s being used by 80% of the Fortune 500. Seriously. It’s a Facebook-like platform for the corporate world. Think of it like an intranet. Many companies use a service like xChat to be able to communicate from office to office without constantly being on the phone. This is the next step up. It’s a social network where you can ask questions that you know someone at work knows, but you’re not quite sure who. You can spread office news. Champion internal branding.
And it’s won over 80% of the Fortune 500, nearly overnight. From a September ’08 launch as a Twitter-like clone, Yammer is quickly taking over the enterprise world. 90,000 companies and organization now use Yammer. 1 million users. In 135 countries.
Users simply register using their work e-mail address. And only those with your domain’s address can register as members. A basic Yammer account is completely free, with additional add-on options for a small monthly fee.