Yahoo’s leadership team is getting flack for falling in the search market rankings. But, this is unfair. When Microsoft bought Yahoo! Search, it was a sign to the market that Yahoo had given up. So, if Bing is now where this dual power is going to be, that’s where I’m going to go. Plus, Bing’s advertising campaign has been blaring for two years now, without a single Yahoo search ad.
Yet, Yahoo shareholders are pouting that Yahoo’s search ad share will fall to 8.1 percent this year, and is predicted to plummet to a new low of 6.5 percent next year. News flash: That’s what happens when you sell off your search market. The really bad news is on Microsoft’s end. Because Google AdWords is still growing – predicted at 75.2% this year, and up to 76.6% in 2012. And Microsoft is climbing at a tortoise’ pace, up from 10.2% last year to 10.8% this year, and 11.1% in 2012.