As a certified and leading pay per click management firm, we find out many enhancements that the search engines roll out before the public finds out. Today, I am going to share with you the next enhancement by Yahoo Search Marketing. In mid March 2009, they are going to have the ability to day part, enhanced geo-targeting, bid adjustments based on specific location, and better implicit content match targeting. The day parting is an enhancement that will help clients immediately, as they can pause accounts on weekends, and advertise on specific business hours. Previously you had to manually do this, which caused customers to become irritable with Yahoo. The geo-targeting is now going to incorporate zip codes, so you can target specific area of a city that brings in the best rate on investment for your company. This is crucial as there are areas of a city that you do not want to go. All and all I think the enhancement is going to help Yahoo, but they are still way behind Google Adwords.