Yahoo! announced the company is buying social sports site Citizen Sports in hopes of strengthening its strategy of getting and distributing social content online. The company’s terms of acquisitions hasn’t been released yet.
“Yahoo! is in a unique position to combine our deep expertise in content and aggregation technology to offer a highly personalized social experience,” said Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president, Consumer Products Group, Yahoo!.
“Sports has been among the earliest online categories to experience rapid social proliferation, and the combination of Citizen Sports leading products with our world-class sports experience on Yahoo! Sports is a win-win for sports fans globally.”
Citizen Sports offers social and mobile applications to users so they can play fantasy sports, fill out brackets, check live scores and read news on sports including football, hockey, soccer, baseball, racing, ruby, hockey and cricket. Content on Yahoo! Sports will be merged into Citizen Sports, which will give users and sports fans a consistent experience. Sports fans can create or join a conversation with other fans and root for their teams using the Citizen Sports applications.