As TV moves more and more into the Web world, everyone’s trying to get their hands on it. Count Yahoo as the latest to call dibs in the OS TV battle.
Yahoo has just announced a new partnership with Toshiba, which will feature Yahoo TV widgets on several new Toshiba HDTV models. This is in addition with other partnerships Yahoo has made with some of the biggest television providers in the world, including Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG and more.
These widgets will provide users with direct access to over 50,000 entertainment sources through Yahoo. These widgets can be a part of set-top boxes, media players and Blu-Ray players alike. Yahoo is hoping that manufacturers and consumers alike prefer the Yahoo offering over the seemingly dominant players of Google and Apple. Not to mention other set-top box manufacturers like Boxee.
But with more and more of their traditional offering slipping away, Yahoo is clearly committed to trying and make this online TV venture a success.