Yahoo wants to be the app aggregator of the mobile Web, and have built Yahoo AppSpot to do just that.
Right now, when you’re looking for new apps, what do you do? Do you jump on to your phone’s app store? Quickly scroll down the “best selling” chart and see if anything looks interesting? Or you learn about new apps from friends, only to search and search to no avail to find the same app available on your mobile operating system?
Yahoo AppSpot hopes to help make finding new mobile apps easier. Search by title, category or interest and you’ll receive a comprehensive list of apps sorted by popularity, price, user rating and operating system.
Plus, AppSpot makes recommendations for you based on the other apps you’ve downloaded in the past. For a company that doesn’t seem like its doing much in terms of new innovations, this might actually be one that catches on. At least, I’m not familiar with something similar. And it could definitely be useful.