The Internet has broadened websites’ audiences inevitably but some websites haven’t geared themselves up for the global stage. Our internet marketing team at Windy City Strategies has compiled a list of strategies that can help take you national.
1. Keep your audience in mind.
Now this may sound simple; it’s a skill basic to marketing. However when businesses decide to expand overseas, it’s best to find someone to help you understand how to localize properly. Find out about their pop culture, their trends, it’ll pay off in the long run. The slight differences can be missed, altering a campaign’s effectiveness immensely. If your business knows how to cater to certain audiences, your business will fit right it.
2. Speak their language.
Running your content through an online translator won’t cut it. Even moving State to State domestically can change the way the locals use words. To grasp how certain audiences find your products, a little research helps you figure out your impression on your new audiences. To start study your competitors, read their customers’ reviews, evaluate their campaign. To get really get local, talk to industry people abroad and ask their opinion. Make the effort to find out about a new audience, and they’ll gladly pay attention to your business.
3. Be visible abroad.
Showing up on foreign search engines is important to reaching a new audience. For example, in China Baidu reigns king, and without a clear strategy for tackling, listing yourself, and appearing on these sites, you won’t reach the audience you aim for. How do you get yourself seen though? Try incorporating different language options for your website. Use localized keywords. Most importantly, don’t forget the SEO basics.
To tap into a new market with your internet marketing campaign, contact Windy City Strategies today.