Watch this video, and tell me Windows 8 is playing it safe. You can’t. You can no longer argue that Windows is playing catchup to Apple anymore. This is clearly something WAY different. Of course, it may be awful…
Because let’s be clear, all of the raves regarding Windows 7 surely had to have been from people who hadn’t used a Mac before. Because Windows simply copied the best that Mac offers, and put those features in their operating system. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. That’s the sort of competition that leads to true innovation. But Windows 7 wasn’t innovation. This is.
Windows 8 touch technology is crazy. It’s weird. But what is it? Well, it looks like it’s simply a simplified front-end navigation option. You are greeted with a tile grid, rather than the traditional start screen. You can think of these app links like the front page of your smart phone. You probably have your favorite 8 on that page, rather than the current Windows 7 setup (and Mac setup) that lists every icon in your dashboard. This is different. This is mobile-y. This is app-y. Will Windows 8 be great on the desktop? Will Windows 8 even be great on mobile?
We’ll see. But, you can no longer excuse Microsoft of unoriginality.