I know we should remain skeptical when we hear rumors about the next great thing in Internet entertainment. But this rumor is coming from Digg Founder, Kevin Rose, an authority in the field, and typically 6 months ahead of the rest of his peers in terms of banking on the right new technology. Rose was one of the first to break the news about Google’s new social network, the tentatively named, “Google Me”.
But Apple TV, a new set-top box from Apple has some “change everything” potential. Rose says to expect an App Store for interactive TV apps that will allow you to get rid of your monthly cable bill.
Now, it’s hard to imagine the future sometimes. I totally understand the idea of paying a subscription fee for a season pass to a show I like. But, how will I find new shows to watch if I have to pay for them first? Or course, maybe I won’t. Perhaps Apple TV will include an ad-supported free-view version as well.
Apple TV is rumored to cost an astonishing low $99, placing it significantly under their main competitor, Dish Networks’s Google TV. Now, will Google TV be able to come through a lower distributor and low-ball Apple TV? Will non-MAC users feel more comfortable using a Google product than a MAC one?
It’s going to be fun to see.