More and more companies are turning to a PPC management company to help jump start an online advertising campaign. Building, managing and staying ahead of the ever changing search engine marketplace takes time, and if you don’t have the proper knowledge, you can spend a lot of money without any return on investment.
Hiring a PPC management company is extremely cost effective for most companies too. If you were to hire someone that knew how to build and maintain a pay per click management campaign, you are looking at around $60- $70K minimum in salary. Now a PPC management company normally charges a percentage on budget spent, for example, Windy City Strategies charges 13% of budget, so if you spent $50K per year, which is a healthy budget, you would only pay $6500 for the year. How can you beat that? This includes two certified account managers and several assistants at your disposal.
Certifications are extremely important when looking for a PPC management company, because you want to make sure they know their field. These certifications currently are utilized by Google and MSN, while Yahoo had one, but at this time has decided to stop. These certification logos should be placed on the companies website showing that they are a certified AdWords management company or Microsoft adExcellence Member and clickable. The click should take you to the page at Google or MSN showing the companies certification. Stay away from companies that do not have that link. That means they are not certified and most likely took the logo from someone else’s website.
Windy City Strategies account managers have been in the Internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your online marketing with our industry leading Internet marketing consulting, search engine optimization, website design and development and pay per click management.