A commonly overlooked fact about press releases is that they are great way to drive traffic to your website from the search engines, while spreading the word about announcements your business has.
One of the most important marketing tools for a business is where you rank on the search engines, which in turn drives customers to your website. For most businesses though, achieving results are extremely competitive and challenging. Essentially press releases allow you to “hitch a ride” with the search engine and news results, and with some linking strategies inside the press release and where you distribute the announcement is just as important as the content. It does you as a small business no good to write a press release, get distributed to major online news networks, but you did not optimize the press release for certain key terms that you would like to rank for on the search engines.
If you have any questions on how a press release should be written, a social media company or search engine optimization firm can help you optimize the page and also consult you on how to get your press release distributed through other networks like the AP, Twitter and other social media networks. With the inclusion of real time search results in Google along with their social search beta, which will definitely move out of beta, press releases along with other social media tools are extremely important for a small business, but are you even doing them, or if you are, are you doing them right to maximize results?
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