All businesses should have a mobile site, because if you do not you risk the chance at losing potential customers. The mobile experience for a web application or site is designed and built once the desktop version is completed. Here are the reasons why web applicants should be designed for mobile first before the desktop version.
Why Mobile is Exploding! – The Internet has been assessable on our mobile devices for many years, but with today’s smarts phones they are driving a huge use of networked applications and content on the web. For example, take AT&T, which is the exclusive carrier for Apple’s iPhone, and they have seen a 4,932 percent increase in the mobile traffic data in the last three years! This is just the start.
Makes Your Focus – With mobile devices it requires software development teams to focus on the most important data and actions for the application. You need to prioritize! When the team designs the mobile first, the end result is an experienced focused on the key tasks that users want to accomplish without having the detours and general interface debris. This is good for business and good for user experience.
Extending Your Capabilities – World Wide Web has been built on a foundation of simple capabilities that are determine by what the web browsers are to support. Web developers are desperate to add innovative capabilities to this environment, and have pushed the limits of plug-ins, JavaScript and the web browsers themselves. This will enable rich activities and interactions online.
When you build a mobile first it allows yourself and the team to utilize the full palette of capabilities to create a rich context-aware applications instead of limiting themselves.
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