Google Health has been around for a couple years now, with little fanfare. But, Google seems committed to the project, perhaps assuming that the digitization of medical records may lead hospitals to want to utilize the user base and system that Google has been setting up.
But, what’s the real user purpose of it? Well, many people want a central place to store their medical information. For their own record keeping. And to share it with others. But now, Google Health is adopting brand new features that allow users to better track their own goals and strides toward better health.
A new online dashboard makes it easier for users to organize information, and input their daily experiences. You can easily track goals and instantly see how you’re faring on your journey toward better health. You can also custom track any specific goals, such as sleep, exercise, caffeine moderation or a pregnancy.
Google Health also now integrates with several partners, including FitBit, CardioTrainer to automatically import your progress into your Google Health tracking system.