It seems that not everyone likes the personalized search results from Google. Some will even say that it’s just a way for Google to give advertisers reasons to rely on PPC instead of using organic results.
Google is trying to make personalized results more relevant for that reason. It’s personalized. Users can find someone within a specific social circle.
At times, however, this personalization does get in the way with the starred results feature. When it appears, the starred results usually provide the rest. This makes sense because when you star them yourself, they’re going to show up in your search results. The downside is, just because you starred it, doesn’t mean it has relevance to a specific search results or topic. The last item could have been starred so you remember the site. Most of the starred results are coming from pages that were bookmarked in Google Bookmarks.
Google is now testing some list sharing features within Google Bookmarks. Since Google has increased its focus on social web elements and fitting them into search, people can’t help but wonder if bookmarks will be an even bigger part in Google’s search product moving forward.