The best Internet marketing campaigns are the ones where the consumers can identify or in some way connect with the company. The best way to achieve this is through story telling with your marketing campaign.
There are six strategies that can be used in your search engine optimization or Internet marketing campaign.
Origin: Where did your company/brand come from?
Purpose: What is your business? Why are you a business?
Vision: This is similar to the purpose, where you are saying where you want your company to go.
Education: Starbucks had a campaign where they educated people with the traditions of coffee. What do you want to educate people with?
Ethics: This is when someone “walks the walks” of what they’re doing. They’re not just talking about it; they’re doing it.
Connection: Reaching out and speaking with potential customers.
Every business has its own story. To have a strong Internet marketing campaign, think hard about what your story is. There’s a great chance that many people will connect with that particular story in some way, and this is the perfect way to keep your company in people’s minds.