Remember when Google was just a search engine? Actually, that’s still how many people think of one of the world’s biggest companies. Yet, you and I are much smarter than that. We know that Google’s much more than that. Yet, I don’t know what to call it. And I honestly have no idea what it’s going to look like five years from now. I mean, we’ve talked before about how Google really has become the middle man for technology and technology companies while destroying the middle man in every other industry. So, is that the future of Google. Aiding and abetting the rest of us?
Well, let’s look at what’s happening to the industry. It’s going mobile. But mobile is getting bigger, better, faster and app’ier. Cable is leaving for streaming. There are stories about how the artificial intelligence being worked on at Stanford right now is going to revolutionize the beauty of social networking (a world where Google is not really a part).
What will Google be? How will the data aggregate that is Google be a part? How will search engine functionality play a part? You tell me, because I’d really just be guessing.