Being a medical professional, website designs have changed dramatically. In today’s society 25% of patients look up reviews on a doctor and 75% of people use the internet to do research on them. Now the question you have to ask yourself is, does your practice have a web site and if it is up to date? One way to keep up to date with your site is look up other medical professional sites and see how they connect with their patients and communicate their brand.

Having a Responsive Site:

Having a responsive web design is being able to view your site on different screen sizes and resolutions. You want to ensure that when a patient opens and views your site from any device that it opens smoothly. If things look all jumbled, no one is going to stay on the site for long. If your site is not adapting you have the chance at losing a potential patient, which is not good for business.

Simple Design:

When you create a site that has simplicity, it allows your website to tell a better story about what your practice is and what the mission behind it is. Having a crisp typeface and images to show your information about your site draws patients in. You want to utilize all space on your page, and insure to also de-clutter information. Have it straight forward and give it a professional touch.

Effective navigation:

Search functions allows a user to find a piece of information through your site. There is even a choice for patients to have the ability to search specifically through topics such as doctors, services and more. If the search bar follows the patient throughout the site it gives them a better chance to go back to the beginning instead of restarting their search.


Some patients find it hard to trust a physicians judgement and advice. They like seeing and hearing feed back from other patients. Hearing about the experience and opinions from the patients themselves will give them a better feel on what to expect. First time patients more likely listen to peers at first, before they decide to go in. Those are your best ambassadors. Having references is a free marketing tool to communication your practice and brand to anyone that visits your site.

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