A landing page is usually the first page of your website that a user gets to interact with when they visit or are led to your website. When visitors click on your website links from somewhere else, like another blog post or an ad, the landing page is the page they are led to. A landing page may also be a separate webpage that is not an actual website but links visitors from search engines and social media channels. These types of landing pages are called direct response pages. 

Why Landing Pages are Important 

A landing page provides an opportunity to engage with a potential customer. It usually contains a single call-to-action and asks for immediate action from the user. The purpose of the landing page is to get a website visitor to perform a conversion-inclined action, such as sharing their email addresses. This could be anything from downloading a free ebook, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase on your website.

Landing pages are critical because they allow you to get leads. If you have multiple products or services, then each one will need its own landing page that you can directly link to. Landing pages must have clear and distinct calls to action on each page so that your website visitors do not get confused about what action they are to take next.

Benefits of a Good Landing Page 

  • Good landing pages helps you proactively connect with website visitors and convert them into leads and customers. 
  • Well-structured landing pages make it easy for people to take action on what they’re interested in and make a purchase.
  • It lets people know exactly what kind of service or product you offer and provide contact information so they can reach out if they have questions or want more information about what you provide.
  • The goal of a landing page is to get people who are interested in your content and services excited about what you have to offer. You can use the information they provide on your landing page to share more content and better offers, incentivizing them to sign up or buy something from you.

How to Create A Winning Landing Page 

A winning landing page is one that presents the opportunity for lead conversions. In building a landing page that converts, you must keep the following guidelines in mind: 

Have a conversion goal 

Your landing page exists to convert website visitors to customers, but what type of conversion goals are you looking to achieve? Do you want to build brand awareness, generate leads or increase sales exponentially? Defining your conversion goals is a core part of this process, and it gives you insight into the structure and design 

Structure the elements 

You will need to prepare a headline, a short product description, images as relevant, and a call to action. Ensure your copies are strong and concise. This way, you catch the website visitor’s attention and guide them clearly towards converting action. 

Establish correct positioning 

Prioritize the critical information and call to action on your landing page. This reduces the chance of your website visitor getting distracted by other elements. Once they see your landing page, they should clearly know the offer you are selling. 

Get a professional 

Landing pages are most effective when they are correctly structured, expertly designed, and targeted. At Windy City Strategies, we can help you create a website that converts and aids your marketing goals. Contact us here for a consultation.