The rumors have been around for months. Google Me. Google’s attempt at a social network. The first idea that could finally give Facebook a real run for their money. But, it hasn’t come yet.
Or has it? I’m not trying to be coy here. There has become a legitimate curiosity that Google’s Chrome browser is indeed the social layer we’ve been waiting for. Because Chrome is shot-putting up the browser charts. Still way behind IE, but catching up quickly due to its stability, speed and openness.
So, what if Chrome evolved from a browser to become THE browser? Not just an option for Web browsing. But THE only choice for pure Web integration? The ultimate social experience. You sign in once, using your Google account, and that’s it. Every site integrates with your Google account. Notifications. Instant messages. Status updates. Friends. Contacts. Blogs. Videos. All personalized to you.
Plus, with Chrome’s new Web App store offering certain paid apps that only work in Chrome itself, the idea of a browser having proprietary capabilities seems very possible. Think of it like iTunes. Account integration within the application itself.
And so, what’s Google‘s motivation besides making the Internet awesome for us? Well, they get to know exactly everything you do online. Every second. Every day. Yes, creepsville. But if it’s cool enough, it might be worth it.