Portable gaming devices have been incredibly popular for two decades now. Specifically, the Nintendo DS which has become a virtual giant alone the top of the portable gaming world. But then, the iPhone and iPod Touch were released. A threat? Not really, Nintendo said. In fact, they claimed that the iPhone really wasn’t a gaming system at all. And they were right. But is it becoming one?
Because the iPhone’s games are usually quick-hits, not epic full-features like the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP offers. But in their favor, they’re really cheap. Two different audiences, right?
Well now, it looks like game developers are starting to treat the iPhone as a legitimate gaming platform. And Epic Games has created “Meet Infinity Blade“, which priced at $5.99, had become the fastest grossing app in history.
Because the quality is getting close to what dedicated gaming systems can provide. And as those lines continue to blur, will the iPhone become this generation’s Nintendo?