With all the technology and media surrounding us, we tend to forget about they way we used to tell the world the news we had to share. By writing a press release, companies can ensure your customers know when you have are offering new products or services or have special news or offers to share. Here a few other reasons why your company should be using a press release.
Benefits any type of business- The biggest benefit form a press release is being heard by as many people as possible. Big or small, any business will benefit from a press release. When a company makes the decision to send out a press release, it will get picked up by local and national news channels and by hundreds of search engines as well allowing for maximum exposure.
Become the expert- Over time, journalists may recognize your business as an industry expert and may be more inclined to give you more media coverage. In addition, by being an expert, your customers will rust your expertise and be more inclined to buy your products or services.
Improve your SEO- By using a professional Internet marketing firm, like Wind City Strategies, they can ensure that your press release includes feature links that will assist with press release rankings, search engine optimization, and increase your company’s visibility.
Increase your sales- Most times this is a marketing tactic used with smaller businesses on a budget, but by sending out a press release with some sort of offer or incentive can help draw in leads and build customer relationships, increasing your sales revenue.
Press releases have adapted to the times and are a valuable and resourceful way for businesses to gain exposure. Using an online press release is this a quick and easy way to build your brand’s awareness. For more information on creating a press release or for any other Internet marketing needs, contact Windy City Strategies.