A new report by Edison research claims that we are consuming media at greater rates than ever before. Why? They credit the proliferation of Internet access. It’s easier to consume all different kinds of media than ever before.
For example, in the last 10 years, access to the Internet has gone up from 55% to 88% of the population. Among homes with Internet access, 86% have broadband, and 2/3 have wi-fi. One form of media that often goes overlooked is online radio. Yet, an estimated 89 million people tuned into online radio last month, including 10 hours a week.
Plus, 52% of individuals have a social network profile, including 51% with a Facebook profile. 46 million users visit Facebook several times a day. What does this all mean? That media consumption has jumped a whopping 20% since last year. That’s more than 8 hours a day spent on television, radio and the Internet. Half your waking hours. If not for social networks, you could claim we’re just all becoming giant free-loading consumers. But now, more and more of us are creating, too.