Most companies are putting more and more budgets towards Internet marketing, so today I wanted to discuss website design and content guidelines.
Having a website is critical, but is your website design good for the search engines? Let’s take a look at guidelines that Google offers.
1. Have a website design with clear hierarchy and text links, and every page should be reached from one static text link.
2. Make sure you have a site map. This site map should contain the important links throughout your website. Most sites have less than 100 links, but if you have more, break them into separate pages.
3. Create a site that is useful and full of information. The content should clearly describe your service or product. Do not plagiarize from another site and just change the name or product, you will get caught for duplicate content.
4. Make sure to use words on your pages that searches might look for to find your pages. This is basic search engine optimization, but many many web designers do not offer this information. If there is one thing to remember in this blog post, it is that search engines rank web pages, not websites. One common mistake is a generic services page. You should really have pages for each service you have off the home page.
5. Make sure your title and alt attributes are descriptive of the page. This is another thing most web designer will not do. Most web designer will have the same title and description throughout the website. Not good. Remember search engines rank web pages, not websites.
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