Recently launched, the Looxcie miniature Bluebooth camcorder lets users capture video of everything they see.
Fit the device comfortably over your ear, and the device will point and record video wherever you look. The Looxcie device is always on, so you don’t have to worry about turning it on whenever you want to record. You simply have to post-emptively react to memorable events. After something cool happens that you want to save permanently or share with friends, simply press a button on the device and the last 30 seconds of footage will permanently be saved.
Otherwise, once 5 hours of recording takes place, the oldest footage is automatically removed.
This storage capacity limitation is the lone downside I can think of. I mean, I know I’m asking a lot. The technology is awesome. But if the technology is meant to capture your day, shouldn’t it be able to capture your entire day? I mean, maybe the average user is going to find great value in semi-limited life-caching. But, I can see filmmakers and reality shows really benefiting from this, especially if the Bluetooth-like device actually had satellite capabilities that automatically uploaded your day on the fly.
Currently, clips can be uploaded to your computer via USB for archiving or editing through a proprietary tool that allows you to create clips up to 30 minutes in length. The Looxcie device is currently available on for $199.