So you are looking for an AdWords Management company, and of course everybody says they are the best, but how do you know for sure? Well, do your research is what I tell people, but there is one constant that you should always look for when working with a Google AdWords marketing firm, and that is, make sure they are a Qualified AdWords Company.
How can you tell if they are a qualified company? Well Google AdWords takes many measures to make sure that users are not conducting business with unethical individuals and companies, and that they truly are a Google advertising professional.
The best way too make sure that they are qualified is to look for the AdWords Qualified Individual or Company logo that is visible from the individuals or company’s website. Click on it, and it should direct you to a page hosted by Google, with a prefix starting with This page will contain Google’s validation that the individual or company has attained Qualified status through the Google advertising professionals program.
It is important when looking at Google’s professional status page to see the name of the business, make sure the url is hosted by Google, and that Google’s validation for the individual or company is present.
If you do not see the logo or status page, you can ask the professional for the page, but that should be a cue for you to not deal with this individual or company.
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