There’s one stock photography model out there that’s nearly perfect. Why? Because you really can’t tell what race she is. Maybe Black? Maybe Native american? Maybe Asian?
She’s perfect when you only have a single person in an ad, and are looking to be inclusive to a larger target demographic. An ad agency’s dream. And not just the one I used to work for. I’ve seen this girl in literally thousands of ads. Before today, this was the best way to speak to a large group of people through a single model photo. But, it’s today now.
And Immersive Labs has created “smart billboard technology” that alters the model in the ad to best match the viewer, based on video analytics. Yes, if a young man with brown hair is looking at the ad, a young brunette male model will be placed in the ad. If an older blonde woman walks by next, the model in the ad will change to more closely reflect her, or even change ads entirely to a product better suited for her supposed buying group.
Plus, the video advertising analytics can track what works and automatically adjust in the future to optimize visual time of viewers. There are probably a lot of you who think that’s creepy. For us in marketing, it’s simply amazingly cool.