Quick Response (QR) code is nothing new in the technology world. It’s been around for 16 years, but with the popularity of smartphones and their support of QR-code-reading apps, it’s making the use of codes more popular. It’s easy to get the attention of potential customers with a scannable link to your Web site or the latest promotion. This QR code makes smartphone users want the scan them.
There are different ways to use the QR codes to increase your sales.

  • Use them to drive traffic to your Web site. You can place a code in a print ad, on your signage, on your business card, etc. Pretty much any place where potential customers could see it, you can include it, and if you catch them in the right frame of mind, they may just scan it.
  • Use one as a call to action. Simply tell people to scan it and link it to a special offer. Maybe it links to a printable coupon. Maybe it links to a promotion code for a discount on their next purchase. They don’t have to be in prin. You can use them on your Web site.
  • Get creative. Dana Oshiro at Mashable looked at 5 unique uses for QR codes a while back. One of them was self-branding through swag you pass out (hats, shirts, coffee mugs, etc.)

There are many different kinds of QR-Code reading apps. You can find a great list of them at Mobile-Barcodes.com. You’ll see that a lot of mobile devices that will support the technology. Also, there are several sites you can go to quickly and easily create a unique QR Code on the fly. If you search for “QR Code Generators” you will find a several of them.