Today, we are going to help you to understand conversion tracking, which will in turn make your rate on investment increase and make your Google AdWords management campaign perform better.
First we should define what a conversion is. A conversion through your Google AdWords account is when a user clicks on your AdWords ad and performs a behavior on your website that you deem as a sale or lead. A conversion could simply be someone purchasing something off your site, filling out a contact form for a quote, or downloading a white paper.
As you can see conversion tracking is extremely important, because it quantifies how well your pay per click management account is doing, and did I mention that this is free too!
So how do we set Google AdWords conversion tracking up? Well it is quite simple. All you need is a Google AdWords account and access to your website’s HTML. Log into your account, and click on the Conversion Tracking link on the Campaign Management tab at the top of your account. From here you can start the process of setting up security levels, colors, type of conversion and other features, but we will discuss all of this in our next blog.
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