Twitter has announced they will be releasing a free analytics dashboard later this year. This will help Twitter users, primarily local businesses, understand exactly how other people are interacting with their tweets.
The Twitter team behind this new tool? The same ones behind the analytics explanation company, Trendly, that Twitter acquired this past June. The magic behind Trendly? Well, most companies are technically “tracking” their Website analytics. But, Trendly helped companies understand exactly what the numbers mean.
And that’s great news for this new Twitter release. Supposedly this solution will help you see, not only which tweets are spreading, but which users are most influential in your network. Because having some famous celebrity re-tweet your message is really cool. And when you see how many followers they have, you think it’s great business, too. But the problem is, their followers aren’t your market. So, getting a better handle of exactly which tweeters are mavens and connectors in your industry would be a great feature, and would surely help users make smarter tweeting and relational decisions in the future.