Google Trends. Twitter Trending.
Both promise to provide you with the latest news the whole world is talking about. Here’s the problem. Fly-by-night Web con artists now get to see exactly what people are looking for in real-time. So they try to take advantage of that. Creating fake keyword-dense articles with those terms that lead unsuspecting users to malware and pure ad monetization sites with no user relevance.
It’s a remarkable misuse of search engine optimization. Half of me has to be impressed with their creativity. The better half wishes they would use their powers for good.
The question is, how does Google get past this? Besides an Orwellian limiting of what they consider to be “news” through pre-screening? Because even if Google is currently enjoying the effectual results of bonus AdSense traffic through these ill-reputed means, giving their customers a negative experience is the last thing they want to do.