If you are a dentist looking to appeal to a broader clientele and transition to a major online presence, you are in the right spot.  The internet allows you to reach out to customers in ways like never before, which can help you find clients that would previously be unattainable.  With that being said, it is important to keep in mind that a good website isn’t going to be enough to get you noticed.  The expert team at Windy City Strategies will carry you towards the right steps for successful internet marketing.

Target Keywords

Your goal for all online marketing campaign run by Windy City Strategies includes assuring that every time a potential customer searches for a dentist in your area, you are the first name they come across.  Advertising methods like Google Adwordswill assure that you are easily found by your target audience, and because we partner with Adwords, your business will list you distinctly at the top and bottom of their search engine websites, you will be sure to stand out amongst your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Along with being seen through Adwords, increased search engine optimization, or SEO, is also vital to the success of your online presence.  SEO makes sure that whenever a person types in specific keywords, that you are the content that is listed within the first few links of a search engine.  Unlike with Adwords, SEO can be maximized by building your website with unique and fresh content.  Many other dental websites out there have a lot of the same content on their pages, so having a unique spin on things will help you bring yourself out amongst your competition.  Our expert blog writers will create unique content for your individual business and practice.

Local SEO

SEO is wonderful because it also can potential clients narrow down their search parameters.  This is especially useful for dentists, considering your marketing efforts to people on the other side of the nation are not nearly as valuable as that which should be aimed in your geographic region.  Many businesses will forget to update their phone numbers or addresses when moving, which can disrupt the overall cohesiveness of an online marketing campaign.  Therefore, every location that your website can be found or searched for, you should ensure that your name, address and phone number are all correctly listed and match up.  This will help you increase your presence online and make it easier for you to be found through local SEO searches.

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Be sure that you consider these market strategies for your dental practice.  In doing so, you can increase your online traffic, which will also help you land more clients in your dental chair.

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