Mac OS X Lion will be released any day now. And here’s a quick preview of what you can expect. Because we know you’re going to get it. After all, Apple is smart, and usually makes it pretty cheap for users to upgrade. So, here’s what you’re going to get.
Unlike the previous OS Snow Leopard, which was simply a tweaked version of the prior OS, Leopard, this is a whole new world.
All My Files View is a new way to view your files in a way that makes organization almost obsolete. Because within All My Files, you can search to organize. Not sure if this helpfulness is going to make my hard drive look like a pig sty. But perhaps it doesn’t even matter anymore. Launchpad is a steal from Apple’s mobile OS. It’s a way to organize your apps for utility and navigation. It makes you wonder when Mac desktops are going to move to touchscreen interfaces. AirDrop allows for instant transfer between networked computers. Of course, those computers have to have Lion OS X as well. And Mission Control offers a real-time view of every app running on your desktop and provides easy navigation to any you have open.