Google is still king of search engines. But now that Microsoft Bing has moved into the coveted #2 position, what can they do to play catch up?
1) Windows Phone 7
This upcoming mobile launch, which should create a lot of near instant mainstream popularity, will make Bing the default search option for millions of phones. And this alone could help Bing’s share tremendously.
2) Partnership with Yahoo
Microsoft Bing’s search partnership with Yahoo, and the advertising transition to Microsoft AdCenter looks like its helping Bing as well.
3) Partnership with Facebook
Bing search currently serves as the power behind Facebook search tools for 500 million customers.
4) Bing on the iPhone
This is the newest strategy we’ve seen. Recently, there were 7 Bing apps included in the top 26 most frequently downloaded iPhone apps. Now, some of these were simply third-party apps that gave users access to free music, but Microsoft still likes the idea of giving Bing mindshare with iPhone customers.
It’s standard app logic that multiple apps lifts the popularity them all. So, Bing is hoping that this 3rd-party popularity helps increase their Bing search app downloads. Bing is also planning on releasing an Android app within months. And while Android’s open nature lends itself well to Bing’s strategy, its hard-wired Google default may limit Bing’s growth in this market.