Do you want to have a well organized and productive day? Nothing to stressful or too overwhelming? Follow these tips on how to improve your productivity in the medical practice. Follow these tips and things should improve sooner than you know it.
1. Setting M.I.T.s
M.I.T. stands for “Most important tasks” this is to help you focus on your day. Depending on your role in the medical practice, you may have to do billing tasks, follow-ups or even referrals. There can be a number of duties that you are assigned, and it’s always best to write them down so nothing if forgotten.
2. Empty Your Inbox
When you wake up every morning make sure to check your emails. Make sure to answer any emails from clients or mangers. Do this every morning and at least midday and then again at night. Keep your responses short and use powerful words.
3. Clean And De-cluttered
Make sure to keep your desk clear and free of clutter. No more distractions. Having a messy desk in a work are will only cause more stress for yourself.
4. Looking Forward
Be prepare for when a patient arrives. Don’t waste any more time and focus on getting them in right away. Don’t spend so much time setting up or being in the search mode and having them wait.
5. Tackle Project
Pick something for the week that you will “eventually” get done and add it to the pile each week. Another name for this would be mount project.
6. Meetings
Don’t overload yourself meetings, they are important for communication and training and announcements. But avoid overloading them. Say no more than once a week for employees.
7. Being early
Don’t waste anymore time to sit down for work. Aim to get to work at least 10-15 minutes early to get your day rolling. Be organized before it begins and you will have a productivity and successful day.
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