So, you’ve started to post regularly on Facebook from your business page hoping to create 500 million new fans overnight? Good luck with that. But, there are legitimate strategies to timing your posts and Facebook ads to be seen by the most people.
Because statistically speaking, Facebook users are predictable. And Vitrue has just released a study that explains exactly how.
Wednesdays at 3:00 PM ET are the “money time” in terms of Facebook usage. More than any other day or time of the week, this is when people must get the most bored. In fact, 3:00 PM ET on every weekday is the highest spike of the day. The other two spikes occuring on weekdays at 11:00 AM ET and 8:00 PM ET. Sunday is habitually Facebook’s least trafficked day.
So, do I post everything at 3 PM? Well, not necessarily. Although, that time period is the most trafficked, that also means that people’s Facebook Wall’s are the most busy. Morning posts statistically have better engagement scores. Specifically the first 15 minutes of every hour. So, that’s probably your biggest takeaway from this study. If you’re flexible, post in the morning hours, specifically in the first quarter of each hour. You should see better engagement scores right away.
By Bjorn Torling