Since last year, when the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) called re-marketing the most underutilized online marketing technology out there, Google has launched the user-friendly Google Remarketing for AdWords in order to help advertisers enter this brave new world.
The concept is all about second chances. And smarter ad costs. Let’s say a visitor comes to your site. And leaves. How do you find them again? Well, what if you could just advertise to them? Only people that have already visited your site? You know they’re interested. Think about how hyper-targeted that ad spend is. That’s the idea of re-marketing. Using simple tracking cookies, your past visitors can see your ads wherever they go on the Google Ad Network.
It’s a reminder. It’s a second chance. It’s a highly targeted offer to a visitor who was, at one time, interested in your offering. It’s a huge opportunity. And with Google AdWords, it’s finally being taken advantaged of.