The big debate is whether pay per click (PPC) is easier, faster and better than search engine optimization (SEO). Like with anything, both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Here is the rundown on the advantages that PPC has to offer.

  • PPC has a better conversion rate when compared to SEO in a keyword-to-keyword comparison. though search engines have more controls on what can and can’t be done, PPC is much easier to customize.
  • PPC is just easier. It’s easier to set up in short-term.
  • PPC updates immediately. A marketer can quickly change the keywords to the campaign and where they point.
  • PPC holds its place on SERPs. With real-time search, natural search results will get pushed down the SERP. Real-time results will be placed front and center.

PPC has issues with search engines’ push for personalization to query matching. People’s searches on the same term will have different intentions on different days, making matching PPC ads to keywords more challenging.
While it’s fun to have a debate on which form of marketing is better, marketers shouldn’t limit themselves to just one or the other. Integration is will always be the best option because both will have their strengths and weaknesses. No to mention, they both compliment each other.