The App store for iPhone and iPad has become an enormous moneymaker for Apple. So, of course, Apple thought to themselves, how can we extend this idea?
On January 6, the Mac App Store will officially open for business. Just like the mobile App store, both free and paid apps will be available in different categories, such as Games, Productivity, Graphics, Education, Utilities and more.
One reason apps became so popular on mobile devices is because they’re self-containing. It’s harder to install software on a mobile device apart from app form. So, will this package transfer over to a standard desktop computer that doesn’t require it. My guess is, “yes”. That software as we knew it will now come in app form. Plus, an app store brings in a built-in democratization of software with developers able to set their own prices and not be charged for free apps. The cream of the crop will rise to the top. Win. Win. Win.