March 2nd has come and gone, with the announcement of the iPad 2, but nothing regarding the oft-rumored iTunes streaming music service. So, what does that mean? Should we audiophiles give up?
Fast Company doesn’t think so. In fact, they think we’re really close. Because the hold ups to this launch have been “the music industry” at large. After all, Apple changed the entire music model and took the reins to it. And there’s probably still a grudge there. So, what’s the best way to launch a streaming music service? Do it under cover…or rather, under cloud.
Let’s say you purchased an album via iTunes. It’s on that computer. You can’t access it anywhere else. But if you could? This “iTunes backup” could be their backdoor into music streaming. And with the announcement that MobileMe is turning into a free service, this might be exactly what Apple has in mind.