Facebook. Twitter. Google Instant. Social Sharing. Local search. Hyper-targeting.
It’s changing everything, right? Search engine optimization needs to be completely re-thought. Well, maybe. But, not yet. Because while tools have changed, the concept hasn’t. Google is still the world’s librarian. And people still choose Google far and above anyone else when they need help finding something. And Google still has a vested interest in helping their customers find information as easily as possible.
Actually, it doesn’t sound like anything’s changed yet. Don’t get me wrong. Things are changing. Yahoo and Bing have come out and said they’re starting to heavily incorporate social statistics in their ranking algorithms. The mobile equation is changing how people find things, and much more significantly, how advertisers can present their products to those looking for their offering.
But the basics haven’t changed. Content is still king for search engines. But now, likes have become as important as links. So get out there. Spread the link-love. Spread the like-love. And you’ll be fine.