For a while, it looked like Facebook was going to be building a phone. And the tech world stood on edge. Because if Facebook does something, it’s gotta be great, right? I’ll admit to being curious myself.
But now, Facebook is officially denying those rumors of a Facebook phone. So now the question becomes, should we believe them?
Well, no, probably not. Google denied their involvement with a phone before announcing Android. But, this does give us a chance to think about whether or not a Facebook phone makes sense or not. Because, after all, your phone probably already is a Facebook phone.
Facebook apps live on every single device manufacturer. So, perhaps their statement of creating “deeper integrations with some manufacturers” is the next big move. Because, they’re right. Integrating into existing platforms seems to be Facebook’s online strategy right now. And as smartphones more and more become online vehicles, this integration makes sense. It’s not about Facebook building a phone. It’s about Facebook being on your phone. In your search. Wherever you go online, your Facebook network comes with you, advising, referring and “like”ing.
And that seems like a better long-term decision than entering way late into a saturated smartphone market.