We’ve been saying it for years now. This is the year that businesses are going to start effectively utilizing online video in their e-commerce persuasion. And it still hasn’t happened yet.
Not that it’s not out there. But simply that it’s not mainstream. And those who are utilizing it aren’t necessarily utilizing it well.
What we have going behind our prediction this year is that it’s cheaper than ever to create video. So, ultra-specific page-centric video isn’t a pipe dream or a budget buster anymore. And a company can read case study after case study about how effect online videos are.
What factors are against our perpetual prediction coming to pass? New formats. Will this video be optimizing for iPads? iPhones? Not sure. Ok, we’re not doing it.
So, if you’re an in-house marketer, how do you get around this? Baby steps. Add video to things you’re already creating. A video from your CEO on your request more info page. It’ll stoke his ego. Increase your form conversion rate. And wet the wheels for your video future.